Loans between Individuals

The results of the third quarter of 2018 confirm the growing trend of Lite Lending, which consolidates its position as leader in the online private loan market.

Since the beginning of its activity Lite Lending has disbursed 1,663 loans for a total amount of 14.52 million dollars .

Portfolio indices 30+ and 90+ are respectively 1, 04% and 0.47%.


Loans granted in the third quarter by Lite Lending


Also in this quarter the growing trend of loans between private individuals is confirmed. Fewer physical banks and more online solutions, especially if a fintech company provides the personal loan. Loans granted in 2018, up to 30 September, were 457 for a total amount of 5.19 million dollars . In the same period of 2017, 335 loans had been disbursed for a total amount of 3.55 million dollars (In 2017 a total of 469 loans had been disbursed for a total amount of 5.12 million dollars ).

The volume of loans between Italian private individuals disbursed

The third quarter of 2018 confirms the clear improvement in terms of disbursed, compared to the same period of 2017.

The month of March is confirmed to be the one with the most important growth. In fact, it recorded an increase of 145%, going from 269,256 dollars in loans disbursed in 2017 to 658,524 dollars in loans disbursed in March 2018. The growth trend continues also with the following months. In June 2018 the amount disbursed is 920,864 dollars : in June 2017 it had been 462,000 dollars .

Here are some summary graphs of the trend of loans between individuals disbursed through Lite Lending.


Main purposes of applying for loans through Lite Lending


The growth in green loan requests for the installation of photovoltaic systems continues.

While payments for home renovation, the purchase of furniture, debt consolidation, liquidity needs, the purchase of new and used cars and motorcycles are aligned with 2017. It should be noted that, according to Lite Lending data, both the total amount of loans and the number of loans disbursed have increased. In short, the number of people who rely on online loans between private individuals is growing as an alternative to traditional channels.


Distribution of loan applicants by gender and age groups among individuals

loan applicants

Compared to the first half of last year, the distribution by gender has remained practically unchanged. About 30% of women have applied for a private loan through the Lite Lending online platform, compared to 70% of men. As regards the age distribution of the Applicants of Lite Lending, 7% belong to the 18-30 bracket, 46% to the 31-50 bracket, while the remaining 46% fall into the 51-75 bracket.

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