The best loans for September 2019

The real new year begins in September, a decisive month to summarize all types of school or work activities and bring projects to fruition.

If you too have postponed an important expense after the summer, know that now the loan rates are truly at historic lows, even more if you choose an online loan.

What could make the further difference is the lending time, most of the strategic time for those who decide to take out a loan.


How important is the time for a loan


As we also report in Loans: the time to get them and the straight to reduce them, the fastest solution is a loan on the web. Digital signature, online documents and any other step necessary to complete the request, if made online, it will shorten the time of the procedure up to just 48 hours. But be careful, because time is always counted from the moment you attach and send the signed documentation.


The most convenient financing by purpose and time to obtain it

Choosing a loan on a comparator can therefore help to greatly reduce the time needed to obtain it. For example, Good Lenders provides in a few seconds the list of the best offers on the net depending on the purpose and clear and transparent information on how to proceed.


Best used car loan

car loan

If you request 10,000 dollars in the city of Milan for the duration of 90 months, Cream Bank ‘s Auto Credit has the best rate: 138.01 dollars , Tan 5.95%, Taeg 6.11%.

100% digital, it allows you to submit your request by signing online, while the management can take place from home via the web, telephone or agency. Once the ok has been obtained from the finance company, the bank transfer will be sent or the check will be sent within 2 days of receipt of the contract signed and accompanied by the required documents.


Best home renovation loan

Still the sum of 10,000 dollars but to be returned in 84 months has Younited Personal Loan as the best solution. The installment is $ 145.35 per Tan of 4.77% and Taeg of 6.01%.

Younited is a Digital Credit Platform made up of a community of private investors that lends directly to the community of applicants. The necessary investigation costs are in this case higher and this explains the slightly higher Taeg, in addition to the time required for disbursement: at the latest, within the fifteenth day following the communication confirming the granting of the credit.


Best liquidity loan

The most convenient financing by purpose and time to obtain it

Younited is still the best offer. For 10,000 dollars at 84 months the monthly payment is 148.58 dollars , Tan 4.77%, Taeg 6.72%. For the request it will be necessary to provide the personal recognition documents and those relating to the income received (paycheck, pension slip, or single complete PF model, in addition to the reference bank document that certifies the IBAN and BIC code.


Best decor loan

The same sum for the same period will have as the best answer again that of the Younited Digital Platform at a cost of 145.35 dollars , Tan 4.77% and Taeg 6.01%. The first installment will be paid no later than the second month following the date of making the total amount available to the customer.


Best Debt Consolidation Loan

Best home renovation loan

A sum of 5,000 dollars to be repaid in 60 months has Lite Lenders Personal Credit as its best loan. The installment is 97.07 dollars , Tan 4.90%, Taeg 6.55%. Debt consolidation allows you to group the loans previously requested from one or more banks into a single loan, with easier monthly installments than the sum of all loans that had been contracted at the time, but with longer times. In this case, the transfer arrangement is contextual to the definitive communication of a positive outcome and following the receipt of the contract, duly signed and complete with the required documentation.

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